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My name is Camila (call Cami) Brazil. I will post here only pictures and gifs of Amy Lee / Evanescence, feel free to reblogar and like my post. do not repost nothing, absolutely nothing, unless you denounce to the Tumblr team. If I like your tumblr follow right back or otherwise does not help ask me;)

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It’s been 2 years!

… since I created this blog, so I decided to make this pack for my lovely followers. Thank you so much for staying here with me, it means a lot <3

The pack contains:

  • 5 Photoshop Brushes
  • Icons (150x150)
  • 6 Light Leak Textures

(all made by me)


  • Must be following me (like I said before, this was made for my followers)
  • Reblog or Like this post and ask me for the link.
  • Do not redistribute or claim as your own.


(Fonte: withinthisnightmare)

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MySecret-Door Pack

  • O pacote contém icons(nos tamanhos 160x160 e 240x240), headers para Twitter e facebook, Backgrounds, Actions, PSDs, Skins Players e arquivos de áudio (entre eles, Live, Instumentais, Acapella, entre outros).

Para conseguir o pack:

  • Esteja seguindo o mysecret-door;
  • Reblogue este post (likes não valem);
  • Envie uma mensagem escrito: “My Secret Door Pack”;
  • Depois que receber o pacote, venha me dizer o que achou, e nunca repasse!

O pacote é bem simples mas foi feito com muito amor para os seguidores do blog, como uma forma de agradecer todo o carinho, espero que gostem :)


MySecret-Door Pack

  • The package contains icons (in sizes 160x160 and 240x240), headers for Twitter and facebook, Backgrounds, Actions, psds, ‘Skins Players’ and audio files (including, Live, Instrumentals, Acapella, among others).

For get the pack:

  • Is following the mysecret-door;
  • Reblogue this post (“likes” do not count);
  • Send a message written: “My Secret Door Pack”;
  • After receiving the package, tell me what you think, and never pass!

The package is very simple but it was done with much love to the followers of the blog as a way to thank all the love, hope you like it :)

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